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The Bruce Story

The articles below are taken from the serialisation in "The Ulster Scot" newspaper during 2007

Part One:
Whilst the Hamilton & Montgomery story was quite rightly described as “The Dawn of the Ulster-Scots” because it was the first permanent Scottish settlement in Ulster, connections across the North Channel have been going on for thousands of years. One of the most famous of these is exactly 700 years old this year. The story of an Ulster island, a King in exile, a determined spider... and the greatest military triumph in Scotland’s history...
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Part Two:
It was now the year 1305, and a story almost too dramatic to be believed was about to unfold. A tale of daggers drawn in the sacred precincts of a church... of the pomp of a new King being crowned... and of a Scottish army cut to pieces by English knights. Yet it was to be the prequel to one of the most glorious chapters in Scottish history. And, on Ulster’s Rathlin Island, King Robert the Bruce’s refuge became his greatest inspiration, creating the legend which lives on to this day...
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Part Three:
The situation was intense. Bruce had murdered Comyn, the most powerful man in Scotland and his only rival for the throne; this action may have invoked the wrath of as many as two thirds of the Scottish population; King Edward I of England, leader of the post powerful army in Europe, was out to get Bruce, and to cap it all, Pope Clement V, arguably the most powerful man in the known world, had excommunicated him...
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Part Four:
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Battle of Bannockburn Re-enactment 23rd June '07 
Images of Rathlin
Images of Bruce
Video of Rathlin